Corporate Responsibility

Explore our initiatives that define our commitment to community.

Chembond in Action

At Chembond, we acknowledge the significant impact of our business operations on society, and embrace our responsibility to promote sustainable development and enhance quality of life by adopting a holistic approach to address social, economic, and environmental challenges.


We recognize the importance of education in transforming lives. Visan Trust focuses on ensuring girls have access to quality education, promoting literacy, and fostering skill development to enhance their employability and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Sports & Activities

We offer a diverse range of sports activities and workshops to empower girls with valuable skills and knowledge. Through these engaging programs, we foster their physical fitness, teamwork, and personal development, enabling them to excel in various areas of their lives.


We prioritize the physical and mental well-being of girls. Visan Trust promotes awareness about health issues, provides access to healthcare services, and conducts workshops on nutrition, hygiene, and self-care. We aim to create a supportive environment where girls can thrive and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


We prioritize children’s well-being by enhancing the nutritional value of their meals. We include ingredients like peanuts, jaggery, vegetables, fruits, pulses, dairy, and eggs to provide essential nutrients for their growth and development, ensuring they have a healthy and fulfilling diet.

Love & Care

We provide a nurturing environment filled with love and care, ensuring that every child feels valued and supported. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to create a sense of belonging, fostering emotional well-being and positive growth.

Pure Water

We believe that access to clean and pure water is a fundamental right of every child. Through our initiatives, we strive to provide safe and reliable sources of water, ensuring the children have access to clean drinking water for their overall health and well-being.

Empowering Our Community & Youth Through Quality Education and Life Support

Corporate Social Responsibility at Chembond Group aims to take a balanced approach to address social, economic, and environmental issues, through diverse programs and recognizes that its business activities have a wide impact on the societies in which it operates. The company endeavors to make CSR a key business process for sustainable development and it is committed to play an active role in improving the lives of people. The Chembond Children’s Centre was formed over fifteen years ago with Education as one of the core functional areas for CSR activities. Our philosophy is to ensure meaningful education to the economically underserved sections. Chembond Children’s Centre is a non-formal educational center at Pasthal and Shirgaon near Tarapur. English, Hindi, Marathi, Science, Mathematics, Social Science, and General Knowledge form the main subjects of the curriculum. In addition to education, the centre provides camps and workshops in health care, life skills, and scholarships.

CSR Reports