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Water Treatment Equipments

Company has invested in adding water treatment systems / equipment and in microbial remediation of high COD industrial waste water. This places company in a unique position to offer integrated water recycling solutions to industry. The systems business is operated as Chembond Clean Water Technologies and is a subsidiary of Chembond Chemicals Limited.

Our forte is in developing practical and cost effective solutions for addressing water treatment issues, meeting water quality requirements and in identifying water savings opportunities.

We understand water well and have been treating it for industrial applications for 35 years. We are unique by offering chemicals, bio-cultures and equipment in an integrated solution with single-point responsibility.

Our solutions span across technology platforms for treatment of raw water, process water, utility water, waste water and recycled water for removal of dissolved solids, living matter and gases from water.

Media based filtration (sand, iron, carbon), resin based system (cation exchange, anion exchange), membrane based system (hollow fiber, polyamide), oxidative treatment (chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone), acid and chemical dozing systems and bio-remediation are some of the solutions we specialised in.

Our aim is to improve the water productivity of our customer’s plants, which is possible by one or a combination of the following:

  1. Higher recovery during raw water treatment stage
  2. Increasing cooling tower cycles of concentration via coordinated water treatment actions
  3. Treating and utilizing boiler condensate
  4. Breaking down COD in waste water and reusing upon treatment
  5. Upgrading existing plants and incorporating newer technologies
  6. On-line monitoring systems for multiple parameters at single location.
  7. Conserving energy and Water by recycling hot condensate.
  8. Providing solution up to Zero Liquid Discharge.
  9. Using 3R concept (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) for water conservation.
  10. Economical production system for different grades of water for its specific application.
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