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Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemical division of Chembond, is a pioneer of non-chromate cooling water treatment chemicals in India, introducing these products in 1980. Since then, the company has grown its product range to offer the entire range of water treatment chemicals namely boiler water treatment chemicals, membrane treatment chemicals, raw water and effluent treatment polymers and defoamers.

We have a strong presence in the industrial water and waste water treatment sector where we offer chemical, equipment and bio-remediation solutions. We treat cooling water, boiler water, raw water and effluent and reverse osmosis (RO) membranes amongst other applications to enhance the plant performance. These products are used in large and heavy industries like Steel, Power, Refining, Fertilizer, Paper, Chemicals and Petrochemicals as well as in the Food, Pharmaceuticals, Beverage, Cement, Institutional and small industrial segments.

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